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General Knowledge - Politics.

General Knowledge - Politics.

Q-1    In which year Supreme Court of India was established?
          (a) 25th Jan 1920                      (b) 26th Jan. 1949
          (c) 26th Jan. 1950                     (d) 28th Jan. 1952

Ans.  (c) 26th Jan. 1950
Explanation :-
 It was established in 26th Jan. 1950, on the same day when our country become republic. Before this it was named as Federal Court of India. 

Q-2    Delhi high court was formed in 1966 , In which year Bombay , Madras , Calcutta high courts were formed ?
          (a) 1963                                   (b)  1862
          (c) 1965                                   (d)  1977

Ans.  (b)  1862
Explanation :-
These high courts were established in 1862. Now names of these cities are changed. Bombay  becomes Mumbai , Madras becomes Chennai , Calcutta becomes Kolkata .

Q-3    In which year SCI ( Supreme Court of  India ) develop the arrangement of PIL 
             ( Janhit Yachika)   ?
          (a) 1985                                            (b)  1986                       
          (c) 1980                                             (d) 1988

Ans.  (c)  1980
Explanation :-
PIL ( Public Interest Litigation ) was developed in 1980 . With this arrangement if any person sends a letter to High Court or Supreme Court and it would be treat like PIL.

 Q-4  Who was the Poetess of famous poem “ kaya hai dushit , kahna hai unka ” ?
          (a) Uma Duggal                                 (b)  Amrita Shergill                          
          (c) Sohrabai                                      (d) Uma BAi

Ans.  (c)  Sohra Bai
Explanation :-
Sohrabai was the famous Poetess of Maharashtra and she was wife of famous poet Chokhamal in the fourteenth century. In this poem poetess depicts about untouchablity of body and purity of soul.  

Q-5  ----------- was the American Company responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy ?
          (a) Enron                                           (b) Union Carbide                            
          (c) Boeing                                          (d)  None of these

Ans.  (b)  Union Carbide        
Explanation :-
Union Carbide was responsible for this tragedy in 1984. The Poisonous gas was Methyl Isocyanides. Now Union Carbide sold this factory to Dow Chemical.   

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