Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Question of the Day

Q: What is the name of the ball used in FIFA world cup 2010?

  (a) Jabulani
  (b) Vuvuzela 
  (c) Bafana Bafana
  (d) None

Ans :  (a) Jabulani

Q:   How many countries of  EU (European Union ) have adopted Euro as their official currency ?

(a)   17
(b)   18
(c)    19
(d)    22

Ans.    22

Q:       ----------- is the process of vertical movement of cold water of deeper oceanic
           layers to replace warmer surface layer.

(a)  Upwelling
(b)  Halocline
(c)  Isohaline
(d)  Turbidity

Ans.     (a)  Upwelling

Q:    NREGA was renamed MNREGA on 2 October , 2009 . What does M stands for ------------- ?

(a)    Merge
(b)    Memorial
(c)    Mahatma Gandhi
(d)    Manmohan

Ans.     (c)    Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Himachal G. K.

Himachal G. K. 

Q:    On which river Renukaji  Power Project is constructing?

(a) Jalal River
(b) Bata River
(c) Giri River
(d) Tons River

Ans.   Giri River